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Georgia Short Term Insurance

If you are in need of a plan as early as tomorrow, Georgia Short Term Insurance is the only option.  Long term health insurance plans require special events or open enrollment periods to enroll.  In Georgia there is a cheap Short Term Insurance option from United Health Care.

Respectfully referred to Georgia’s Short Term Health Insurance plans as a “worst case scenario” plan.  This is because, these plans often do not start coverage until you have reached your deductible.  Deductibles for Georgia Short Term Insurance from United Health Care start at $500 and go as high as $2500.   These are not the plans to choose if you need monthly medical care like doctor visits or prescription coverage.  However Georgia Short Term Insurance is great if you want to protect yourself from major financial loss due to illness or injury for up to six months.

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Georgia Short Term Insurance Medical Plans Health plans for individuals and Families in Times of Transitions and Change

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Underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company

Why Choose Georgia Short Term Insurance from UnitedHealthOne?

Over 30 million Americans entrust UnitedHealthcare with their health insurance needs. Network plans can ease access to high-quality care from physicians and hospitals nationwide. We combine our strength and stability with nearly three decades of experience serving customers of all sizes, including individual’s and families buying their own health coverage.

UnitedHealthOne is the Brand name of the UnitedHealthcare family of companies that offers personal health insurance products. Golden Rule Insurance Company, a UnitedHealthcare company, is the underwriter and administrator of these plans. With nearly 70 years of experience serving individuals and families Golden Rule Provides high-quality products, timely claims handling and outstanding customer service.

Experience and Expertise

Golden Rule’s experience and expertise has driven the development of easy to use and innovative health insurance products. A recognized leader – and one of the nation’s largest providers of health savings account plans – Golden Rule continues building plans that meet the needs of individual and families.

Our Goal: Your Satisfaction

We understand the importance of your time and concern for the value of your health-care dollars. You will find we go far beyond the industry average, processing an overwhelming majority of health insurance claims in less than two weeks and offering strong discounts when using our vast network of quality health-care providers. Our goal for every customer is an insurance plan at a price that fits his or her needs and budget. UnitedHealthOne – Choices you want. Coverage you need.

Leave it to the Experts

For nearly 70 years, Golden Rule has served individuals and families purchasing their own health insurance. With our sole focus of serving individuals and families, we understand the unique needs of individual – like you – shopping for personal health insurance.

Don’t just take our word for it

Golden Rule is Rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M.Best (12-11-13) and “AA-“(Very Strong) by Standard and Poor’s (09-24-12). These Worldwide independent organizations examine insurance companies and other businesses, and publish their opinions about them. These ratings are an indication of our financial strength and stability.

Fast claims processing

Our employees who process claims have a long history of fast service. The results – 94% of all health claims are processed within 12 working days or less.

Big network, big savings

You can find many providers in your area with nearly 820,000 physicians and other health care professionals and approximately 6,000 hospitals and other medical facilities nationwide in the UnitedHealthcare network. Plus, our network can offer you provider discounts with a national average of up to 50% on quality health care.

Get the specialized care you need

If you require care from a specialist, a referral is not required – making it easier for you to receive the care you need.

Georgia Short Term Insurance Medical Plans do not provide:

  • Coverage for preexisting conditions;
  • Mandated coverage necessary to avoid a penalty under the Affordable Care Act.

In case of emergency

From state to state, even traveling outside the U.S., you can rest assured knowing that in a medical emergency coverage is available.

Georgia Short term Health insurance

Our plan offers easy-to-understand health insurance designed for individuals and families in times of transition and change with up to $1,000,000 of coverage.

Georgia Short Term health insurance Medical can “bridge the gaps” in health insurance coverage if:

  • You have lost coverage through recent job or life changes;
  • You are a student or graduate no longer eligible for coverage under your parents’ plan;
  • You are a seasonal worker;
  • You have retired and are waiting for Medicare eligibility.

Because we know that life can change quickly, Golden Rule gives you the flexibility to drop your Georgia Shor Term Health Insurance coverage at any time without penalty or to apply for another term of coverage.

With Golden Rule, you can choose from a range of deductible, payment options and length of coverage that best meets your needs. In addition, you have access to a wide choice of physicians and health care facilities.

Note: Georgia Short Term Insurance is issued for a specific period of time. If your need for coverage extend beyond this plan, you may apply for additional short term plans. This requires a new application and is not an extension of your current plan. Any illness or condition you develop while covered by your current plan would be considered “preexisting” when you apply for a new short term plan and, as such, will not be a covered expense.

How Georgia Short Term Insurance Medical Works:

  1. You pay the stated deductible for each illness or injury.
  2. The insurance pays 80% of the next $5,000 of covered expenses. You Pay 20%.
  3. The insurance pays 100% of remaining covered expenses.

Georgia Short Term Insurance Optional Periods of Coverage

1-6 months.

Deductible Amount Available with Georgia Short Term Insurance

$500, $1,000, $1,500, or $2,500.

12-Month Extension of Benefits for Georgia Short Term Insurance

If an insured is confined as an inpatient during the coverage term and the confinement continues after the term ends, we will extend coverage until the earlier of the discharge date or 12 months after the end of the policy term.

60-Day Extension of Benefits for Georgia Short Term Insurance

Benefits (up to $1,000 maximum) can be paid for up to 60days after the end of the policy term for an illness or injury. This is provided that the deductible is met, that the covered expenses are first incurred in excess of the deductible for that illness or injury during the policy term, and that the illness or injury does not result in an inpatient hospital confinement that begins during the policy term.

Georgia Short Term Insurance, Quality Care at Significant Savings

Using UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network

With Golden Rule health Georgia Short Term Insurance plan, you gain access to the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network. Physicians, hospitals, and other health care providers participating in the network have agreed to provide you quality care at reduced costs. The result is lower premiums, and in return, you agree to use the physicians, hospital, and other providers in the network.

To locate providers for the Georgia Short Term Insurance Health Insurance network, visit

  1. Select Find a Doctor.
  2. Choose New Applicant Doctor Lookup.
  3. Select Georgia.
  4. Select UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus, and again on directory page.

Georgia Short Term Insurance Out-of-Network Benefit reduction

Receiving nonemergency services outside the choice plus network results in substantially less benefits. Your covered expenses are reduced by 25%. This reduction is limited to $5,000 in covered expenses, per covered person.

Deductible and Benefit Period per Condition

For each condition (illness or injury), you will have a deductible and a maximum benefit period. A Benefit period begins when you are hospital-confined or meet the full amount of the deductible for an illness or injury during the policy term. You may have more than one benefit period running at a time if you have more than one illness or injury for which you are hospital-confined or have me the full amount of the deductible.


For purposes of this Georgia Short Term Insurance, eligible dependents are your lawful spouse and eligible children. Eligible children must be unmarried and under 25 years of age at time of application.

This page is only a general outline of our standard Georgia Short Term Insurance Health Insurance benefits. Please contact Agent Eric Burns for more details. This is not an insurance contract. Please read your policy carefully.

Complete Coverage details are provided in the policy. We will notify you in advance of any changes in coverage or benefits.

Not available in all state. Nonrefundable $20 application fee required.

*UnitedHealth Group Annual Form 10-K for year ended 12/31/13.

*Actual 2013 results

*Discounts vary by provider, geographic area, and type of service.


Who can I ask a question about Georgia Short Term Insurance plans?

What Is Georgia Short Term Health Insurance?

  • Georgia Short Term Insurance provides coverage for major illness or injury.
  • To extend Georgia Short Term Insurance, you must complete a new application.
  • Pre-existing conditions are not covered with Georgia Short Term Insurance.
  • Unlike long term plans, you may be denied coverage due to medical conditions on a Georgia Short Term Insurance plan.
  • Georgia Short Term Insurance plans are not Obamacare compliant. Meaning, you may have to pay the fine for not having insurance. Please see below for an explanation of the 3 month coverage gap.

How Long Does Georgia Short Term Insurance Last?

Georgia Short Term Insurance can be purchased for as little as 30 days or up to 6 months.

Are Short Term Health Plans Minimum Essential Coverage? Can I avoid the tax penalty with a Georgia Short Term Insurance plan?

  • Short answer is NO.
  • You are allowed a 3 month gap between compliant plans in any given year. During this period, Georgia Short Term Insurance may be a great option.

When can I purchase Georgia Short Term Insurance?

  • Anytime you wish.
  • Georgia Short Term Insurance can start as early as tomorrow.

I do not qualify for a special enrollment period, what type of health insurance can I get?

YES, you do not need a special enrollment period to apply for Georgia Short Term Insurance.

Why Get Short Term Health Insurance?

Georgia Short Term Insurance is a good choice for people who are in between coverage options, are exempt from the mandate to buy insurance, or want catastrophic health coverage outside of open enrollment. Although it doesn’t protect you from the fee for not having health insurance, it does protect you in cases of an emergency.

Why would I need Georgia Short Term Insurance?

  • Between jobs
  • Waiting for new coverage to start.
  • A recent college graduate
  • A temporary or seasonable employee
  • A dependent no longer covered under parents plan
  • on strike, laid-off, or a terminating employee.

What are the Benefits of a Georgia Short Term Insurance plan?

  • Cheaper than other options
  • Fast approval process.
  • 30 days to 6 months of coverage
  • Easy Coverage for gaps in long term plans.
  • Large selection of doctors and rate negotiation

Is there a downside to Georgia Short Term Insurance?

  • No preexisting condition coverage.
  • Doesn’t count as minimum essential coverage. You will pay a penalty at tax time for not having minimum essential coverage under some circumstances.
  • Outside of major illness or injury, these plans provide little coverage.
  • Obamacare subsidies will not be applied to the premium.

Does Temporary Health Insurance Cost More?

Georgia Short Term Insurance is actually much less expensive than a plan that is Obamacare compliant. You may find enough saving to even purchase a Georgia Short Term Insurance plan and pay the Obamacare tax penalty, and save hundreds.

Should I Get Georgia Short Term Insurance?

It all depends on you. There are good points and bad points to Georgia Short Term Insurance plans. If you have questions, please call Eric at 678-404-9230.

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