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Preventive Care Information

Open Enrollment

2024’s Open Enrollment is 11/1/2023 through 12/15/2023 for plan effective dates of 1/1/2024. During this period anyone may enroll in or make changes to their health insurance through the Marketplace.

Special Enrollment Period trigger events

A Special Enrollment Period is any plan start date between February and December. Applicants must qualify for a Special Enrollment Period through a life change.

  1. Low Income – 100%-150% of Poverty level
  2. Involuntary loss of coverage – 60 days
  3. Individual plan renewing outside of the regular open enrollment – 60 days
  4. Becoming a dependent or gaining a dependent. – 60 days
  5. Marriage – 60 days, with current coverage
  6. Divorce – 60 days, with current coverage
  7. Becoming a United States citizen or lawfully present resident – 60 days
  8. A permanent move – 60 days, with current coverage
  9. An error or problem with enrollment – determined through appeal process
  10. Employer-sponsored plan becomes unaffordable or stops providing minimum value – 60 days
  11. An income increase that moves you out of the coverage gap – 60 days
  12. Gaining access to a QSEHRA or Individual Coverage HRA – 60 days
  13. An income or circumstance change that makes you newly eligible (or ineligible) for subsidies or CSR – 60 days, with current coverage, determined through appeal process

Minimum income to receive subsidy based on your MAGI

Persons in Family/Household2022 Coverage (2021 Poverty Levels)2023 Coverage (2022 Poverty Levels)

Health Savings Account

2023 HSA contribution limitsUnder 5555 and over
Individual coverage$3,850$4,850
Family coverage$7,750$8,750
2022 HSA contribution limitsUnder 5555 and over
Individual coverage$3,650$4,650
Family coverage$7,300$8,300

Common Metro Atlanta Hospital systems

AetnaAmbetter*Anthem*CareSourceCignaFridayKaiserOscarUnited Healthcare

Please refer to each carrier’s provider directory. *Ambetter and Anthem plan year 2023 will offer hospital system specific networks. **Oscar announced Northside 12/5/22.