Christian Sharing Ministries

Christian Sharing Ministries are faith-based organizations that offer an alternative approach to traditional health insurance. These ministries bring together like-minded individuals who share a common Christian faith and a commitment to helping one another with medical expenses. Members contribute a monthly “share” amount, which is then used to cover the healthcare costs of fellow members in need. While not insurance in the traditional sense, Christian Sharing Ministries provide a faith-based community and financial support system for medical expenses, emphasizing compassion, prayer, and mutual assistance. These organizations offer an option for individuals and families seeking a faith-aligned approach to healthcare cost-sharing.

Christian Sharing Ministry Quotes

An Important note about CSM is that they are not health insurance. Clark Howard describes one downside of Christian Sharing Ministries on his website by stating “[…]health care sharing ministries are not traditional insurance. There‚Äôs no contractual obligation for the ministry to cover your bills.[…]”