Georgia Chamber SMART Plans

The Georgia Chamber SMART Plan is a comprehensive health program aimed at small businesses in Georgia. Launched in 2018, the plan is administered through Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. It allows small employers to pool together to share in the overall claims risk, offering them predictable, fixed monthly payments.

Key Features:

  • Competitive Rates: The plan offers competitive pricing for small businesses.
  • Financial Protection: Employers can benefit from financial protection against high medical costs.
  • Flexibility: The plan provides a range of benefit choices and network options, including Anthem’s Open Access POS and Anthem Link.
  • Additional Benefits: Fully insured dental, vision, life, and disability plans are available at discounted rates.


  • Businesses must have at least two employees enrolled in their medical plan and no more than 50 eligible employees.
  • They must be domiciled in Georgia and be a member of the Georgia Chamber or a participating local chamber in good standing.
  • Anthem also offers the Chamber Plus Plan for businesses with 51 to 99 enrolled employees, providing more savings and enhanced value.

Starting a Chamber SMART plan is easy and I’m here to help.

  1. If we have not spoken yet, please reach out with a quick call, email, or schedule an appointment.
  2. Have your employees and/or contractors complete an employee questionnaire. This is a direct link to the Anthem Chamber SMART Employee questionnaire.
  3. Once I have all of your information, please allow 2-3 business days for quotes.
  4. We will review the quotes together and discuss options.
  5. When we have come to a decision, I will handle the enrollment process from A to Z.